Our story

We are 3 years old, have raised almost £3 million and have 3 new strategic priorities for the future. 3 is the magic number! Greater Manchester, look what you've achieved! This is not just our story, it is your story too.

How it began...

Back in 2017, Andy Burnham pledged to achieve change for the vast numbers of people experiencing homelessness across the city-region. He was elected that May and ever since, the Mayor of Greater Manchester has donated 15% of his salary to this cause.

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Not long after, a public campaign 'The GM Mayor’s Homelessness Fund' had raised £250,000 online and it was evident that the people of Greater Manchester shared this commitment. The need for a fully formed charity to harness this momentum and desire for change was clear.

So by August 2018, a new board of independent trustees had been recruited, a new charity had been registered, Andy was made Patron and the story of GMMC really began.

Street homelessness emergency...

It has been quite a journey for the charity to date. Our early years were shaped by the crisis that surrounded us. We emerged when the numbers of people sleeping rough in Greater Manchester were higher than they’d been in a decade.

From the very start, GMMC played a fundamental role in funding the establishment of the flagship ‘A Bed Every Night’ programme, which continues to accommodate approximately 500 people each and every night. This initiative has reduced rough sleeping numbers across Greater Manchester by 52% since its inception.

GMMC Trustee Recruitment Pack July 2021


Then, in 2020, we then faced (like the rest of the world) the unprecedented challenge of a global pandemic. Once again, our funding played a vital role in the city region’s response. Our Covid-19 funding programme will soon have reached over 150 frontline organisations.

We invested unrestricted emergency grants into the homelessness sector – supporting frontline charities who were forced to rapidly shift the way they operated in an instant. We also raised and distributed significant grass roots community funding, which still continues to support response and recovery in neighbourhoods across Greater Manchester

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Where we are now...

As we begin to emerge from these critical times, the charity is at an exciting point in its development. We have built some incredible relationships, learnt from the past and we’re looking ahead.

We have been working hard behind the scenes adopting an evidence-based approach. We recently expanded our operational team, developed a new strategy and are rolling out contactless donation infrastructure.

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The future holds new challenges as we seek to broaden our reach and impact. As well as our continued work on ‘Emergency Response’, we have two new strands of activity. We’re now also investing in ‘Places & Spaces’ from modular homes to temporary accommodation. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, we’re looking upstream to develop work around ‘Targeted Prevention’ because homelessness should be neither an inevitable nor an acceptable outcome for people at risk.

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16 December 2021

Greater Manchester businesses have come together to support A Bed Every Night which provides a safety net for some of the most vulnerable in our society who have no other option than to sleep on the streets.

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