Building Back Better - Fourth Phase of Emergency Funding from GMMC

19 August 2020 in , .

Greater Manchester Mayor's Charity commits a further £294,627 to the homelessness sector. Charities are keen to embed the lessons learned from recent months and this forward-looking funding makes that possible.

GMMC is thrilled to announce the fourth round of emergency funding into the homelessness sector this year. Charities and organisations were asked to apply for grants through an open process, which focused on 'building back better' after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The focus of the funding reflected conversations happening across the sector about how (despite the obvious challenges), the pandemic has also provided opportunities to foster longer term change.

Chair of Trustees, Tim Heatley said,

"We know that front-line organisations are making huge changes and we want to support them to continue to adapt in these crucial times."

These Emergency Funds were made possible primarily by The Hut Group, who donated £500,000 to Greater Manchester in April this year. We're immensely grateful for their vital support at such a critical time.

Full details of this round of funding:

The Bond Board £40,448 - Preventative advice and support for existing service users and those new to the system. This is in anticipation of the eviction ban being lifted.

The Manchester Men’s Room £18,619 - This organisation supports a largely hidden cohort of young men and trans people who are more frequently disengaged from other services.

Lifeshare Ltd £31,964 - To fund a post work with under 25 year olds. The post will continue existing Manchester partnerships and also reach into wider GM.

JustLife Foundation £25,000 - To continue building a 'mobile' JustLife Team to reach people in Unsupported Temporary Accommodation.

Shared Health Foundation £47,720 - Safeguarding and Trauma Support package for homeless families and children within them. Supporting frontline staff through training as well as delivery.

Manchester Refugee Support Network £19,068 - Support for the Immigration Resettlement Service at this specialist organisation

Queen’s Hall Action on Poverty £48,968 - Partnership bid with Fur Clemt to help people move from emergency accommodation forwards, making this a transition phase and working with Independent Living Mentors.

Helping the Homeless into Housing £42,340 - To enable increased capacity of their programme linking hospitals, GPs and people who present as being 'of no fixed abode'. Increasing access to health care both in short to medium term.

Barnabus £19,500 - Changing the delivery model at their Beacon Centre from Drop In (which was forced closure during crisis) to a new more targeted Support Centre for people newly experiencing homelessness.

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