What we do

Homelessness is a complex issue and addressing it requires a combination of structural changes as well as immediate aid. So where can we make a real difference? Our three new priority strands are clear and tangible. This is where change is possible.


Working with businesses, people and communities, we bring Greater Manchester together to raise essential funds for vital work. The money raised enables us to support innovative initiatives and make a tangible difference in the efforts to reduce and prevent homelessness here in Greater Manchester.

We're interested in promising practice. What has worked in other places or in other fields? How do we move upstream and better understand the root causes of homelessness? What investment can we make now that will have the greatest long term impact? We support all kinds of projects from ambitious building schemes, to carefully curated and focused pilots.

We're also nurturing a real focus on learning and leadership. As an independent charity, we're free to take risks that other organisations can't... or perhaps won't. We can work with partners to test, pilot and promote emerging practice. Sometimes these endeavours may fail. But sometimes these projects will unlock groundbreaking new solutions with the power to change the future.

Pivotal to this approach is quality data. Sounds dull doesn't it? But by investing in robust studies alongside everything we do we'll also be building a vital bank of evidence. We're proud to be working with the Centre for Homelessness Impact who bring critical insight and rigour to our work. If you're interested in creating a world without homelessness, do check them out.

Manchester Action on Street Health

MASH received one of our Emergency Funding grants during the Covid crisis.

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