Emergency Response

We are a founding funder of the flagship 'A Bed Every Night' programme and have always played our part in Greater Manchester's frontline response. We don't walk on by...

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Current 'Emergency Response' fundraising priority:

By working together through 'A Bed Every Night', Greater Manchester has achieved a 52% reduction in the numbers of people sleeping rough on the streets of our city-region. This landmark scheme provides a bed for approximately 500 people day in day out.

This is incredible work, but in the current climate there is ever-rising need. That's why we will continue to prioritise fundraising for this vital programme.

It has always been a core value, that this programme is accessible to anyone in need, regardless of their status. GMMC's funding is unique because it can be used to support anyone in any situation (unlike many other sources of funding). It is therefore essential we continue to support.

ABEN Graph
“If you pulled the resource out, or you said we'll draw a line under ABEN... you're going to see an immediate impact.”

Quote taken from report: Greater Manchester’s A Bed Every Night programme: An independent evaluation, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.