Targeted Prevention

It is fundamental that we act now to prevent homelessness in the future. We're developing pioneering new pilots that seek to stop homelessness before it becomes a reality.

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Current 'Targeted Prevention' fundraising priority:

Image Credit: Shared Health Foundation

There are (at the last count) 2,742 children living in temporary accommodation in Greater Manchester. This represents a 1000% increase in the last two years. Our preventative work will focus on families.

We know that of the people who experience rough sleeping as an adult, more than half had a experience of homelessness before the age of 19. Developing work to prevent this cycle makes a huge difference in both the short and long term.

But there are ways to help stop this cycle. For example, Direct Cash Transfers are an innovative new intervention in the homelessness space. We are developing a pilot scheme to test here in Greater Manchester working with families at the point that their homelessness occurs. The idea is that a quick injection of cash at a critical moment can stop a family falling into the homelessness system (where they may end up staying for years).