About us

We're a growing network of dedicated people who believe homelessness has no place here in Greater Manchester. Together, we raise vital funds to invest in promising practice and innovative homelessness prevention projects. But we can't do it without you.

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Established in 2018, we are an independent charity who are steered by a board of skilled trustees and run by a dynamic team.

We're proud to have the support of our Patron, Andy Burnham, and quite honestly, we're blown away by the good people of Greater Manchester who make this possible... although we wouldn't expect anything less!

Nobody in our city region should be without a safe, secure place to call home. Yet in this complex and unjust climate, there are many for whom this is simply out of reach. It isn't right. Not anywhere, but certainly not here.

So we're on a mission to achieve real change within the homelessness system right across our city region and we firmly believe everyone has their part to play. We believe in the power of collaborative action and so we're working hard to bring businesses, people and communities together to make possibility a reality.

Greater Manchester is our home and we're immensely proud of these roots and this place. Here, we look after each other. Here, we lead the way to inspire others. Here, we have the collective capacity to achieve real change.

"Good is no longer good enough when too many people are suffering because they don’t have a home to call their own."

Ligia Teixera, CEO, Centre for Homelessness Impact

The Sanctuary Trust

The Sanctuary Trust received Emergency Funding to help support their response to the Covid crisis.

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